Julien Maupetit, PhD

After studying biochemistry, Julien did his PhD in bio-informatics. He worked as technical director of the Paris Diderot University structural bio-informatics platform. After a short experience as the co-founder and CTO of a small web agency, he decided to create TailorDev. Julien is an everyday enthusiast. He loves to promote knowledge sharing in scientific and tech communities. Sometimes his beard is too long, but he's doing his best to master his shaver.

William Durand, PhD

William is a hacker who spends most of his free time learning new things when he does not run, swim or ride his bike. He has a PhD in Computer Science (software testing and model inference), and was a researcher at Michelin. William is also an Open Source evangelist, a public speaker, and a traveler.

Mailbox / HQs

Even though we are building a distributed team, we have a beautiful office located in the Pépinière d’Entreprises Pascalis in the heart of Massif Central (France). We would love to have you visit! — You can also learn more about our remote work setup →

Our office location is:

  • TailorDev
  • Pépinière d'entreprises Pascalis,
    10 Allée Evariste Galois
  • 63000 Clermont-Ferrand
  • France
  • Call us: +33.616992443
Hôtel d'Entreprises Pascalis Clermont-Ferrand


"DNA Digital" by Insspirito is licensed under CC0
"All other images" by TailorDev is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0