It’s summer time, and two new padawans are joining TailorDev forces. Let us introduce Camille Loiseau and Stéphane Liauzu who will work with us in bioinformatics and front-end development respectively. Let’s say a few words about them.

TailorDev Team July 2015

From left to right: Camille, Julien, Yannick and Stéphane.

Camille Loiseau

Camille loves biology. She has a biology degree from Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand (France). She discovered the pleasure of computing science by her husband. She has started a master’s degree in bio-informatics in 2014 and she enjoys that! Her favorite animal is a bug (yes, she has to deal with this paradox), more precisely the ladybug! She loves everything that have wings, like flying ponies.

Summer arrives and new padawan tailors come with it!

Stéphane Liauzu

Stephane holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Evry Val d’Essonne. He has previously worked in a bio-informatics team which goal was to help biologists to create their Information Systems. Having always been in charge to help users with their applications, he now wants to become a programmer. He is eager to play guitar but as he has no time to progress he only knows how to play a range, be sure his family enjoys this very much.