After nearly a year of intense development, we, at TailorDev, are proud to announce the upcoming venue of our new product: artichio, a collaborative platform for an open research. logo, the web-based solution to ease your everyday scientist life eln is the place to:

  • log your experiments in an elegant electronic laboratory notebook,
  • store your files privately or shared with your collaborators,
  • manage your teams and related permissions,
  • manage team projects (define groups, handle milestones, track your time and generate reports),
  • search and find things, globally.


Today the pre-registration phase starts!

The beta release will open to pre-registred users in september 2015. Pre-register now and try to get a life-time free account or a privileged access (more information is available at

Pre-register now!

Interested? Want to be part of this new experiment? Please click the link below.

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