is an ambitious project for a small company. Instead of pushing our platform to production and adding applications one by one, we decided to release applications first, and then aggregate them in a consistent platform., Watson’s most famous colleague should be our first objective. If you are interested in increasing your productivity, register now!

A huge project for lean startupers is an ambitious project. We love the idea to build a collaborative platform that will help researchers in their everyday work, a platform that will structure their collaborations with the entire world, a platform that will ease scientific data openness. We worked on it. For more than a year. We were about to publicly release it a few month ago.


To be totally honest with you: we are a company. We cannot rely on public money or a huge amount of cash raised from VCs to build something that people don’t want. We want to build a sustainable business that people are willing to pay for. And monetizing such business in a reasonable time is not an easy task for a small company.

That is the reason why we decided to split, and re-built it from scratch. Leaf by leaf.


The first relevant leaf is based on Watson, our wonderful, open source, multi-platform CLI to track your time, and enhance your daily productivity. We already talked about the benefits of properly time-tracking your activity. Using watson to do so seems to be a good fit for developers both from Academia and the Industry.

If you are already using watson, will be the perfect service to store, share and mine your data. We want to involve our users in its building from the beginning, and that is why we need your feedback and thoughts about it.