In our previous blog post, we told you that we were working on open sourcing Monod, our secure and offline-first Markdown editor. Stop talking, it is time to show you the code! :shipit: :sparkles: :star2: :boom: :confetti_ball: :sparkling_heart:

Monod goes open source!

For the record, Monod is a (relatively) secure and offline-first Markdown editor we built at TailorDev in order to learn React.js (and a bunch of JavaScript tools/libraries), during two Le lab sessions (that is, two working weeks plus a few extra days):

Get it while it is hot!


Monod is released under the MIT License. If you are willing to contribute, be sure to read our contributing guidelines. We have a few easy pick tags for newcomers, and we are willing to mentor/help!
We would love to read your thoughts, such as things that did not work as expected or feature requests. Feel free to submit new issues.

Note that you can either host your own instance or safely use our public instance, which is the one we also use at TailorDev: You can also ping us on Twitter!