We are proud to announce the upcoming publication of “Modern Science Weekly”, our newsletter for modern scientists. Each week, we will select a few interesting articles for people practicing or interested in Science at large.

Modern Science Weekly, a curated newsletter for 21st century scientists

As scientists and developers, it is part of our “job” to stay connected with our communities and to keep in touch with what is new in our areas of expertise, e.g., Biology, Computer Science, or Bioinformatics. Hence we need to read a lot. Yet, when we have no or not enough time, we only focus on a restricted field, the one we are the most familiar with or related to our current activity, and we forget about the others. We slightly stop to be aware of new discovers, new technologies, or simply interesting facts. It may even lead to a clear disconnection with the reality.

Thematic newsletters are a simple way to get a digest posted directly to our mailbox. For example at TailorDev, we particularly appreciate the quality of the CNRS newsletter (in French) or DevOps Weekly to name a few. To the best of our knowledge, there is no newsletter that really fits with everything we are interested in, such as things connecting both Academia and Industry. That is why we decided to create our own newsletter: Modern Science Weekly :metal:

Editorial policy

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will only receive one email per week from us. No spam, ever. We will never share your email with anyone or use it for commercial purpose. Each newsletter will contain a small number of articles (no more than eight) along with abstracts and links.

We decided to mainly focus on four categories:

  • Open Science & Data: the Open Science movement is growing fast, and there are many initiatives everyone should be aware of;
  • Tools for scientists: because, believe us: there is a better way than MS Excel or MS Word to achieve your work. Really;
  • Cutting-edge Science: have you ever heard about block-chain and its potential applications in Science? That is an example of what you will likely find in this category;
  • Beyond Academia: many things happen outside, or even emerge, from Academia. Let’s see how Science help us to innovate in the Real World™.

We will do our best to provide at least one article per category every single week.

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