Looking back at 2016, we did some things pretty well, we failed on others, and there is still room for improvements on some others. Here are a few points we would like to improve as of today in order to make things better at TailorDev.

Happy new year from TailorDev

After a few days break for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, we are back and highly motivated for 2017! As usual each year, we asked ourselves what could be our resolutions for the coming year and we decided to write them below. Some are schedule improvements, but others are new goals we want to achieve.

Broaden our reading topics

As for researchers, an IT/science entrepreneur job cannot be successfully undertaken without reading continuously about various subjects such as: startup news, entrepreneurship, new development technologies, rocket science news, new JavaScript frameworks, etc.

This year, we will put emphasis on data science, machine learning techniques and their applications in science at large!

Write more constantly

Tailordev Editorial Calendar

Last year we published 24 articles in this blog, but we were sometimes prolific with one or two articles per week and sometimes silent for too long. We need to smooth our editorial calendar to publish one new article every two weeks.

Get more involved in the Open Science Commons

Contributing to the Open Science initiative in many ways is our credo at TailorDev. Producing open source code, and spreading the word about good practices in research labs is not enough; we need to share our knowledge and train scientists to modern tools for their everyday work. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but we will co-organize a workshop in a few months. This will be the very first workshop we will be directly involved in… pretty exciting!

To go beyond few days workshop training sessions, we are also considering the initiation of a local Mozilla Study Group. This will help building a strong community of self minded researchers willing to contribute to the Open Science commons. At least, this is what we expect.

Keep up Le lab sessions every three months

A few days before our first Le lab session, we have defined Le lab rules. One of them was to dedicate one week per month to those sessions. Our recent history showed that it was not sustainable. For 2017, we will organize four (4) Le lab weeks (of 5 continuous days each).

Write TailorDev’s Handbook

A few weeks ago, while discussing about our document resources, we stated that it could be nice to gather these information in a single handbook that would be the company reference for pretty much everything.

The scope of this book has not been entirely defined yet, but we strongly believe it will give a solid structure to the company, and, it might also help people outside TailorDev :wink:

Avoid posting Modern Science Weekly issues on Sunday evenings

This will be our last but not the least resolution: we will now send each Modern Science Weekly issue on a working day. We can keep flexibility on the week day we release this issue, but it cannot be posted later than a Friday afternoon.

Please note, that you can join the fun by sending us suggested readings or feedback by email.

Now that this list is public, we will do our best to respect these decisions. If we don’t, send us an email. In the meantime, let’s fix an appointment at the end of this year to look back on this list.

Happy 2017 :tada: