When we meet potential customers, we often get asked the same questions like how we work, on which kind of contracts, and how we make money. Today, we unveil two new pages to describe our sales process and answer commonly asked questions.

Answering frequently asked questions

It took us some time to put TailorDev back on track after having realized that our initial plan did not come together. Nowadays, TailorDev is a profitable business and we love our jobs and our lifestyles. We believe in ethics and transparency (you should read our manifesto), and that explains why we tend to talk about everything without discomfort, especially on this blog.

Yet, we only started to write about our commercial contracts at the beginning of this year (2017). There are two causes: the first one and likely most obvious is that we had to actually work for clients, and the second is that we were not sure about the alternative path taken by TailorDev to achieve its mission. Time has passed, and we now think that it is important to also be transparent about this point.

In addition, we often have to explain our vision to potential customers and many people ask us how we make money. Yes, that is probably one of the most asked questions. We are actually proud to having figured out how to make money, which seems to be less and less common. We also must admit that we are glad to run a healthy business, even though we remain attentive.

For all these reasons, we decided to publish two dedicated pages related to these questions:

  • Case studies, which gathers some of our blog posts about our past commercial contracts;
  • Hire us, which contains many information about our sales process and how to start a new project with us.

You can find both links in the top-right navigation bar.

We hope these pages will answer most of your interrogations. As usual, feel free to contact us for further information. If you think we should be more explicit or write about a specific topic (no matters what), let us know via Twitter or email :wink: