In our last blog post, we told you that we were working on open sourcing and publishing Pauling, a mobile application that rethinks conference posters sharing. Stop talking, it is time to show you the code! :shipit: :sparkles: :star2: :boom: :confetti_ball: :sparkling_heart:

Pauling goes open source!

Technically, this application was open sourced a while ago but we did not link to it before because we were a bit shy and not proud of our lack of tests :wink: This has been fixed now \o/ We dedicated one Le lab session to this project and our upcoming Winter session will also be spent improving it :tada:

To summarize, Pauling is not only a mobile application but also a web application available at: This web application allows a poster author to publish it, thus making it available to everyone and downloadable thanks to a QR code generated by Pauling:

Scaling bioinformatics training: an ELIXIR, GOBLET & Galaxy Training Network collaboration

If you do not use the Pauling mobile application to scan this QR code but use another QR code scanner, you will be redirected to the web page dedicated to this poster, i.e. this page for example. Yet, using the Pauling mobile application has many advantages and you should really be using it:

  • you can view the poster in high-quality, even in offline mode;
  • you have access to more information about this poster;
  • in the near future, you will be able to attach notes to it.

Today, we are glad to announce that the mobile application is already available on Google Play and should be released on the App Store soon. We invite you to test it and report any issues by email or Twitter. If you do not have a QR code to scan yet, you can try with the one above.

Get it on Google Play

Pauling is released under the MIT License. If you are willing to contribute, be sure to read our contributing guidelines. We have a few easy pick tags for newcomers, and we are willing to mentor/help!
We would love to read your thoughts, such as things that did not work as expected or feature requests. Feel free to submit new issues.