What is this page for?

Since October 2015, TailorDev is committed to promote the Open- philosophy in Science at large, whether it is to do software development for start-ups, to counsel large businesses to embrace Inner Source or to collaborate with different public research teams for their software needs.

On this page, we gather many useful information about our sales process and answers frequently asked questions by prospective clients. We are humans behind this page, do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply.

Good fit?

We are ethical developers and scientists with different backgrounds. Such a diversity allows us to intervene on a wide range of projects. We have strong interests in web-based development, biology, statistics, APIs, software testing, UX, and bioinformatics (non-exhaustive list); and we usually have a good understanding of scientific speeches and papers.

Yet, we do not pretend to be omnipotent and to know everything. We love hearing about state-of-the-art research and technology, but we may have naive questions when it goes out of our scope. We know our limits and we know to say no. We also know what we like and do not like, and we can say no to anything in contradiction with our values.

In addition, we work remote and put a lot of energy into making sure we are very efficient in such a configuration. Hence, there is little chance of having us in your office. If that works for you, keep reading!

No fixed bids

You may want to send us a very detailed requirements document, containing everything we are supposed to do, and expect a price in exchange. Unfortunately, we do not believe in this kind of relationship because we think it will end up in a lose-lose situation.

History has proven that such contracts do not end well, leading to the rise of the Agile methods and, later, to the Lean software development principles. Without adopting a specific Agile method, we believe in using sprints to build the right features correctly and iterating to always deliver value.


We do need to know your budget. We understand that it may be uncomfortable for you but it will greatly help us to determine what we can do and how. We will often suggest you different options with different sprints, depending on your budget and priorities.

We will send you an estimate for each sprint based on the information you provide. On the other hand, you only pay for the time spent. If we are faster than planned for a given sprint, you will be billed less.


We price projects at a per person, per day rate. We bill 7 effective hours a day, which excludes coffees, most meetings, lunch breaks and any other non-effective activities. We usually work 5 days a week (but not always 7 hours a day).

As you probably guessed, we track our time thanks to our beloved Watson time tracker. You can ask us a report of our elapsed time at any time even though we usually give you such information at the end of each milestone.

Our daily rate is 1000 euros per day, excluding tax. That being said, if your project goes Open Source from day 1, you get a 20% discount.


We will do our best to make your project a great success. We have a set of tools we use daily to communicate and work. We will be glad to share them with you, but if you have yours, let’s use yours!

Talking about communication (ha ha), we care a lot about communicating in an efficient manner and keeping everyone informed. You will hear a lot from us, but we will never disturb you. We may visit you in your laboratory or office if we are nearby and if you like.

We can work on our side or join your team. We are very friendly yet professional, and we like to share our knowledge beyond our commercial contracts. We are used to meet new people and join existing teams.


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